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Interesting Books


Try showing kids the pollinators in your garden. This child is learning about bumblebees. Great  books are available for all ages from your local library. Our list here is for adults - if you know of good kids books, please add a comment to this page or send us mail - info@pollinatorgardens.net.

 I suggest trying one of the books by Lorraine Johnson – great starting points. Lorraine writes from her Toronto garden:

100 easy-to-grow native plants for Canadian gardens 2nd ed. by Lorraine Johnson. ISBN 1552856577, Library call # 635.95171 JOH. North Vancouver, B.C. : Whitecap, 2005.

The new Ontario naturalized garden : the complete guide to using native plants Rev. ed. by Lorraine Johnson. ISBN 1552852008, call # 635.95171 JOH. North Vancouver, B.C. : Whitecap, 2001.

Grow wild! : native-plant gardening in Canada and northern United States  by Lorraine Johnson. ISBN 0679309195, call # 635.95171 JOH. Toronto : Random House of Canada, 1998


Although Tallamy’s book is written for US readers, it applies to parts of Canada. More than a how-to book, it gives the why interestingly and engagingly:

Bringing nature home : how native plants sustain wildlife in our gardens, by Douglas Tallamy. ISBN 9780881928549, call # 639.92091 TAL. Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2007


Can you be an academic expert on bees and still write engaging, funny prose? Laurence Packer proves the answer is YES:

Keeping the bees : why all bees are at risk and what we can do to save them, by Laurence Packer. ISBN: 9781554681099, call # 595.799 PAC Toronto : HarperCollins Canada, 2010.

 This pamphlet is a photographic guide to pollinator bees and flies:

A guide to Toronto’s Pollinators, by Laurence Packer.  Call # 571.8642 DAV. Vancouver : David Suzuki Foundation, 2008


A choice little book by Toronto bumblebee expert Thomson, with practical instructions on nest designs, etc:

The natural history of bumblebees : a sourcebook for investigations, by Carol Ann Kearns and James D. Thomson. ISBN: 0870815652, call # 595.799 KEA. Boulder, Colo. : University Press of Colorado, 2001.

An eloquent modern update to Silent Spring:

Silence of the songbirds : how we are losing the world's songbirds and what we can do to save them, by Bridget Stutchbury. ISBN: 0002007282, call # 598.8 STU. Toronto : HarperCollins, 2007.

The Xerces Society is about knowing and conserving insects:

Attracting Native Pollinators. ; The Xerces Society Guide to Conserving North American Bees and Butterflies and Their Habitat, edited by Eric Mader. ISBN: 9781603426954. Storey Publishing, LLC 2011

Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden. by The Xerces Society and The Smithsonian Institution. ISBN: 0871569752, call # 595.789 B. San Francisco : Sierra Club Books, 1998.